Northend Gardens (1991) Inc.

Jordan Station, Ontario

Northend Gardens is owned and operated by Ted and Carrie Oorsprong. It was established in 1990 on a 15-acre farm. We currently have 200,000 square feet of greenhouses. Our employee base is 7 full time and 30-40 seasonally in spring.

Our farm has been producing spring annuals for 22 years both in flowering finished product and young plant production of bedding and cut flowers.  We produce 2 million young seedling plants a year. These come in 2 tray sizes of 512 and 288 plug trays of 800+ varieties that are sold at the transplanting stage. All of our plug trays are reusable. We also do prefinished plant production and custom seeding where the plug trays are seeded and shipped direct to other growers.

Last year, we brought an exciting new plant to Canadian greenhouse production called Medinilla Magnifica.  Medinillas are native to the mountainous region of the Philippines where they thrive under the canopy of trees overhead.  They produce amazing blooms up to 18” in length and flower up to 3 months. Production time for Medinillas is an entire year and they require different temperatures during that time.  Medinilla Magnifica won best new flowering plant at TPIE in Florida this January, they starred on Breakfast Television last fall and were a big hit as a giveaway on The Marilyn Denis Show this season. Mednilla Magnifica is now the most talked new plant of the year! 

At Northend Gardens, our focus is to produce quality and unique products to the plant supply chain through wholesalers.  We are always looking for innovative products that will help us keep with that theme.

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