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Who funds pickOntario?

pickOntario is managed directly by Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc., and is guided by floriculture greenhouses. pickOntario has received additional funding from many organizations throughout its life time and continues to foster strong relationships with its financial supporters. Past and present financial support has come from the following: The Ontario Greenhouse Alliance, Agriculture Adaption Council, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Currently pickOntario continues to receive funding from the Ontario government.

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Do Ontario growers offer the varieties that I am looking for?

Yes they do! Ontario greenhouses produce over 75 varieties of cut flowers and 120 varieties of indoor potted plants.
It is interesting to note that Statistics Canada in 2010 recorded that Ontario growers produce:

  • 155 million bedding plants
  • 206 million cut flowers
  • 135 million indoor potted plants

These three categories added up to sales of $578 million, over half Canada's floriculture sales!

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Why are Ontario-grown plants and flowers the best that I can buy?

Ontario greenhouses are close to your home! The Ontario flowers that you bring home are only days, sometimes only hours from being in the greenhouse. This is a huge difference compared to imported flowers that have been flown or shipped from South America or Africa!

The growers in Ontario also work hard to produce quality flowers and are always looking for the latest trends in technology and growing techniques. Ontario greenhouses abide by strict production regulations in terms of labour, pesticides and production. This is all done with the consumer in mind!

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Why is it important to buy Ontario flowers?

It is important to look for and buy Ontario flowers because it means that you are supporting the local growers! It also guarantees that you are receiving a fresher product which will bring happiness to your home for a longer period of time!

More and more flowers are being imported from South America, and because of low labor and heating costs, they are available to you at a lower price. Also in 2011 a free trade agreement was signed with Colombia so there are no longer any tariffs on the flowers being imported to Canada.

pickOntario conducted a survey at the Canada Blooms show in 2010, and 97% said that they would rather buy local flowers! However, many people do not know what local flowers are available throughout the year. As pickOntario, our goal is to educate you on Ontario's floriculture industry so that you can receive a fresher product and support the local growers at the same time.

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How big is Ontario's floriculture industry?

  • Below are a few facts that outline the size of Ontario's floriculture industry (Statistics Canada, 2010):
  • 250 greenhouses in Ontario making up 50% of Canada's floriculture producers with a total of 30 million square feet!
  • Ontario has the 3rd largest floral production area in North America, following Florida and California
  • 9500 people are employed by Ontario's greenhouses!
  • Ontario's greenhouses account for sales of $578 million!

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