Penglad Farms Inc

Lincoln, Ontario

Penglad Farms Inc. is nestled amongst wineries and fruit farms in the town of Jordan Station. Business began for owners Wayne and Tineke Houtby in 1979 as Peninsula Gladiolus Farms. "Penglad", the common short form, later became the official name of the business.

Although field grown Gladiolus, in the summer months, was the primary crop when business began, Wayne started growing Tulips in the early 1990's. Tulips are harvested from November right through until Mother's Day. Since then, he has added a summer crop of Bombay Celosia, fall crops of Snapdragons and Ornamental Kale and a year round crop (less July and August) of Iris.

Penglad takes great pride in producing "Soil Grown" products in their greenhouses. This growing procedure generates a product with dark healthy foliage and a sturdy stem that yields a flower with an extended vase life.

Wayne's commitment to growing excellent product, along

with Tineke's ability to execute orders in textbook fashion, has created many

long time relationships with their clients. Penglad cut flowers have

become a staple for many wholesalers and large retailers in the Niagara Region

and the GTA.

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