Scott Street Greenhouses Ltd.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Scott Street Greenhouses is a family owned and run business, located in the heart of the Green Belt, in St. Davids, ON.

Tom Valstar, took over the 30,000 square foot greenhouse in 1972 from his brother-in-law, Dick Vanderend, which ended up to be a stormy start. Just after Tom took over, a twister struck and after the roaring winds diminished, 2,200 panes of glass lay shattered on the dirt floor. Two years after that a neighbors barn caught fire, generating tremendous heat that again cracked a large number of panes in the greenhouse.

What could happen next, we ask ourselves? What happened was a steady growth in Scott Street operations, the purchase in 1979 of a second location. The business was then a total of 202,000 square feet producing Poinsettias, Geraniums, and Mums, Easter lilies, Hanging Baskets, assorted Bedding plants and various cuttings.

Today, the business is now operated by Tom’s son and daughter-in-law, Gord and Wilma and their sons Steve and Mark Valstar.

2012 they celebrated their 40th anniversary and are “Still Growing”! They have just recently purchased another greenhouse, giving them a total of 320,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse.

Scott Street Greenhouses produces Chrysanthemums, Hydrangeas, Pixie Lilies, Poinsettias, a large assortment of spring annuals including Bedding Flats and Hanging Baskets. They also grow pre-finished products for other greenhouse growers. As a wholesale seller they deliver across Ontario and the U.S.A. Their products can also be found all spring at the Ontario Food Terminal.

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