Meyers Fruit Farms & Greenhouses

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Meyers is Niagara-on-the-Lake's premiere choice for quality flowers and fresh fruit. With over 15 acres of greenhouse space, 450 acres of orchards & vineyards and their own fleet of trucks, they are well equipped to accommodate any of their customers' unique marketing needs.

Established in 1955 by Jim and Clazina Meyers, the family farm grew steadily through hard work, diligence and determination. Four generations later, the Meyers family and their employees continue to produce fruit and flowers of the highest quality.

Traditions of the past and innovations of the present give them a competitive edge in today's market. As they venture into new and larger areas of growing and marketing, they made it their goal to see the next step and to take it boldly.

At Meyers, their team is the foundation for their success. They use teamwork, good communication, and a positive atmosphere as a platform to reach their goals. It is their commitment to provide a safe and enjoyable place to work. In return, their employees enable them to provide quality products and service.

Their loyal staff ensures dedication and commitment. Their agricultural and horticultural expertise means that they understand the seasonal demands of the business and year after year they meet those demands with confidence and pride.

Their floral products range from spring bedding plants and baskets, holiday crops such as Poinsettias and Easter lilies and a variety of popular weekly flowers. On the farm they grow premium stone fruit and grapes. At Meyers they offer quality products and promotional programs specifically designed to meet their customers' requirements.

It is their commitment to satisfy their customers with great products and excellent service, and be an enjoyable place for their employees. A personal touch is what their reputation is built on and separates Meyers from their competition.

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