Family Flowers

St Thomas, Ontario

Family Flowers is truly a family affair! The business was established in 1994 by Edward (Ed) and Annette Weesjes, who continue to be the proud owners today! They started the business with the help of their four children, two of whom continue to be involved in the family business.

Daughter Jacklyn was just a youngster when she began selling bedding plants from a picnic table beside the road. Today she is very much involved in the retail end of the greenhouse, offering personal expertise and advice on plant selection and care.

Son Mark works alongside his Dad in the growing of the plants and over-all operation of the facilities.

Ed and Annette’s other sons Edward (‘Eddie’) and Nathan have also helped as they were growing up, and now, while having chosen other careers, are always both ready and willing to lend a hand in the greenhouses as well.

Ed has been a greenhouse grower all of his life. Prior to starting Family Flowers, he worked with his father and brother in a hot house tomato operation, which continues to thrive today, under the management of his brother who continued in this field after his father retired.

As owners of Family Flowers, Ed and Annette particularly enjoy the growing and marketing plants, understanding that quality of product and customer focus are the key ingredients of a successful business. Ed and Annette are active supporters in the community. Annette is involved in "Communities in Bloom" for the municipality of Central Elgin, for which Ed and her were honorary chairpersons for the planning committee.

Family Flowers is a proud recipient of the "Free Enterprise Award of Merit" from the St. Thomas Chamber of Commerce. This award recognizes businesses and individuals that have "…distinguished themselves as exceptional with significant contributions to the economic, social and cultural fabric of our community...”. In announcing this award, it was specifically mentioned that Family Flowers elected to remain closed on Sundays.

Family Flowers is open the entire year-round, always ready to provide you with the best service and products! There is always something growing in the greenhouses, preparing for the season ahead! Bedding plants fill the greenhouses in spring, ready for your early summer planting. During the summer, the Fall mums are being prepared for the Autumn season, while July sees the Christmas poinsettias being rooted for sale in December, during which time the Easter lilies bulbs are planted for sale in the spring! A full cycle of growth! In addition to the specific plants and crops mentioned, there is always sufficient stock being grown to fill all of your ‘current-season’ needs.

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