Hendriks Greenhouses

Lincoln, Ontario

Located near the shore of Lake Ontario in the scenic region of Niagara, Ontario, Hendriks Greenhouses is a well-established and respected company that can look back on a tradition of steady growth. John Peter Hendriks started the farm in 1953, assisted by two sons, including Andrew Sr. The 10 acre farm consisted of pears, peaches and cherries, as well as one greenhouse (20’x 80’) where tomatoes were grown.. Every few years, more greenhouses were added to increase cucumber and tomato production.

In 1967, Andrew Sr. took over the business from his father and shifted the company focus towards flower production. Andrew Sr. had to learn from scratch; he was not familiar with these types of crops, but they had the potential for higher income. The complete transition from vegetables to flowers spanned 10 to 15 years.

In 1970, Andrew Sr.’s wife Helen suggested they add tropical plants to their production. This went extremely well and led, shortly thereafter, to the development of Indoor Garden production which the Hendriks name has become famous for in the floral industry, in both Canada and the U.S. A long time has passed since the Hendriks family began this aspect of the business, making 20 Indoor Gardens a week, putting care and pride into each basket. Today, the same care and pride is committed to our products, while fulfilling orders for up to 10,000 units per day, during peak seasons.

Hendriks Greenhouses has approximately 240,000 square feet of production space, using both poly and glass. Un-rooted cuttings and plugs are brought in from South America and Europe, and are rooted onsite which means they are more acclimatized and much hardier, which in turn leads to a longer shelf life. The close and direct relationship with international farms ensures quality of material, and availability of new and exciting varieties. They are committed to providing their customers with new and innovative plant material for Indoor Gardens.

The continual improvement in products that they have developed over the years, have led to their standing as the premier Indoor Garden producer in North America. Their Marketing team develops the Indoor Garden program one year in advance, consulting with the latest trends in design and colour, while also relying on our own experience and foresight. The plants used, styles of arrangement, and their investment into details such as colours and materials used in pot design has truly allowed this category to become a year-long product. Containers ranging from pedestals to birdhouses, glazed ceramics to brushed metal, and chests to baskets are the base for these wonderful creations.  Factory direct purchasing not only helps to better control the quality and design of their products, but they are proud of the hands on involvement in ensuring quality and standards of the factory employees’ work conditions.

While continuing to push for higher designs and value at the holidays, they have also been successful in meeting and creating demand for Indoor Gardens to be seen as a preferred and legitimate choice for long lasting weekly home décor. The constant trend of people wanting to “green” the inside of their home, which comes with aesthetic and purification benefits, along with displaying the plants in a pot that can truly compliment a room’s design, represents a real opportunity for Hendricks, and their industry. Hendriks has dedicated itself to committing resources to creative processes, market research, and product development, in order to stay on top of what consumers are looking for.

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