John Slaman Greenhouses

Burford, Ontario

Brian Slaman owns and operates a 150,000 sq. ft cut flower glass farm, in the tiny town of Burford, Ontario, between Woodstock and Brantford. Over 60% of this space is devoted to the year round production of Spray Chrysanthemums. The remaining 40% is for the production of Lisianthus which is available year round.

The greenhouses were first established in Brantford in 1954 by Brian's grandparents.Their Grandparents emigrated from Holland after World War II, bringing that famous "Dutch glass house green thumb" experience to Ontario. John and Cecilia Slaman left that family business and moved to Burford in 1969 and built the present business with their 5 young children. Brian has since taken over the family farm. 

Brian handles staff, sales and marketing all while managing production and maintenance as well. The operation employs 10 full-time staff as well as up to 20 part-time people as needed. Five of Brian's eight children work in the family business and are happily planning to continue doing so. 

"We were raised in this glass house and share a love for warm, light-filled spaces in perpetual bloom," says Brian's 21 year-old daughter, Stephanie, the oldest of seven girls and one boy. "I can't imagine doing anything else," adds Jaquie, another of Brian's daughters. "At least there will be no shortage of flowers for all those weddings," laughs Brian. 

Slaman Greenhouses sell about half of their product through the Toronto and Montreal flower auctions and the balance directly to wholesale and retail customers. "We have a solid reputation for producing clean, high quality, cut flowers, thanks to our self-propagation and growing from seed practices," explains Slaman. High intensity lighting in the propagation areas, integrated pest management, biologicals and a weekly scouting schedule, also help the business stay competitive. 

Customers can request these Ontario grown fresh cut flowers by asking for them by the brand name. Every bunch is sleeved with the logo "Slaman's Quality Flowers" so customers can quickly identify the superior Ontario grown quality. For more information about John Slaman Greenhouses, contact Brian Slaman at

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