Linwell Gardens Ltd.

Lincoln, Ontario

In 1989, motivated by the growth of his family, Tom Alkema left the family greenhouse that was founded by his father. Tom bought a 5 acre parcel of land in the east end of St. Catharines and established his own greenhouse operation; a business he called Linwell Gardens. Tom began this operation with a vision to propagate high quality plant material, and to run a business founded on the old-fashioned principles of integrity, honesty, and hard work. Today those principles live on in the next generation as his son George steers the company into the future of growing, coupling integrity with business acumen, honesty with efficiency, and hard work with technological advancement.

That first farm that Tom built in St. Catharines has since been sold, but Linwell Gardens thrives at their Beamsville location. With over 16 acres of growing capacity, Linwell has become one of the largest propagators of vegetative liners in Canada.

With the backing of a motivated team, an enthusiasm for innovation, and a desire to continuously improve, George and his family carry on the tradition started 20 years ago.

Today, Linwell Gardens are still dedicated to producing only the highest quality plants to ensure that their customers can enjoy the very best start to their crops, the very best results in the Garden Centre, and the very best finish in the garden. Linwell has grown excellence in the greenhouse by combining old fashioned attention to detail with the latest growing techniques and state of the art equipment.

Linwell Gardens specializes in the propagation of rooted annuals, chrysanthemum, and poinsettia liners to the wholesale greenhouse market. In addition to this they have partnered with some of the largest garden retailers in Canada to bring to market a comprehensive annuals and planter program, as well as magnificent poinsettias for Christmas. They work hard to understand their customers' needs and to help them showcase the latest varieties with the best garden performance.

High quality plants from start to finish, it's what they do.

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