Peninsula Flowers Inc

Jordan Station, Ontario

Bert Vrolijk likes to call Peninsula Flowers a niche flower business.  “I grow 2 acres of  6 different seasonal cut flower specialty products in greenhouses and another couple of acres outdoors,” says Bert, who grew up in the greenhouse industry in Holland.

Bert immigrated to Canada in 1980 and for the past 23 years has been operating his business on a lovely property in Jordan Station in the Niagara Peninsula heartland.  His crops vary depending on market demands but his current product mix includes sweet smelling Stock, Forsythia, Pussywillow, Sweet William, Sunflowers and a variety of cut Mums.

About 70% of Peninsula Flowers Inc. products are purchased directly by retail florist wholesalers and the balance through the flower auction in Toronto.

What is so distinctive about Bert’s flower business is that much of the products are grown without the use of extensive heat and high intensity growing lights.  “What I‘ve found with growing Stocks is that they grow better in cool conditions, but my particular product mix all do better in natural light conditions, which means that things are quieter in the greenhouses during the long days of winter, however, we do keep busy with our outdoor Pussywillow and Forsythia production,” says Bert.

Bert’s specialty flower business includes 2 of his daughters, Monique and Marissa, as well as part-time help as needed.  “We have both been employed in other businesses but working here is like breathing.  Sometimes it is good to do other things just to find that out,” explains Monique, who along with sister Marissa, are learning the flower growing business from father Bert, from the ground up.

Customers can Pick Ontario grown fresh cut flowers by asking for them by the Peninsula Flowers brand name. Every bunch is sleeved with the logo so customers can quickly identify the superior Ontario grown quality.

For more information about Peninsula Flowers Inc., contact Bert Vrolijk at 

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