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Lincoln, Ontario

Fabiola and Jan Prins are partners in life as well as in business so they understand the “statice" of teamwork. Prins grow, located in Niagara region, is a niche flower farm with a successful 10 year track record in Ontario. Both of the Prinses are from Holland where they also farmed before immigrating to Canada. “We grow Statice and cut Amaryllis under 2.5 acres of glass," says Jan Prins, the part of the partnership that likes getting his hands in the dirt. “Both crops have a one year growing cycle and offset each other well in terms of seasonal market demand," explains Jan.

“We offer 8 different colors of Statice (above) from March through November and then focus on Amaryllis (below) from November to February," adds Fabiola Prins, who keeps the paper part of family flower business balanced.

Statice is considered a filler flower by floral professionals and is used for color accenting in bouquets. But it is a very long lasting cut flower by itself. The flower also dries well, holding color and shape.

Prins grow purchases Statice tissue culture cultivars and Amaryllis bulbs from Holland annually.

Planting is a laborious part of production because of the heating and cooling coils in the soil. Like most bulb plants, soil temperature is a critical part of the growing process.

“As this is primarily a flower for the holiday market we have a very short window for when we can sell it," says Fabiola. “This plant requires very precise growing practices because being off by even one week can really affect our sales."

After the Amaryllis is cut, it is packed dry in boxes, then cooled until shipped to wholesale markets. Prinsgrow also sells a 3 stem cello pack in retail markets throughout Ontario and USA. Amaryllis is priced according to the number of blooms on the stem (maximum of 4) and the length of the stem.

Prins grow is the only farm growing tissue culture Statice and cut Amaryllis in Ontario. The company sells its products through both the Toronto and Montreal auction clocks, through wholesale floral suppliers and direct to grocery stores.

The 3 stem cut Amaryllis pack is new for the retail market. Prior to the appearance of cuts, consumers could only buy Amaryllis as a bulb plant that they had to grow themselves.

According to Fabiola, cut Amaryllis goes with all the Christmas greenery or Christmas arrangements, but also looks spectacular all by itself in a beautiful tall vase. The flowers take 5 days to open and will last up to 2 weeks, depending on the room temperature.

Like most fresh flowers statice and cut-amaryllis like clean water, refresh the water when needed.

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