DIY Floral Arrangements for Every Day Celebrations

DIY Floral Arrangements for Every Day Celebrations

Entertain your guests with these easy steps

Flowers provide a great way to connect to the natural world. They add life, light and colour to any occasion, whether it's a backyard BBQ, a bridal shower, or a red carpet gala—making every day feel special.

“Buying fresh flowers, bringing them home, and creating beautiful arrangements can truly be a life-enhancing experience" says Marielle Catillo, Residential Trend Expert at Bayview Flowers. “Making your own arrangements let's you break out your craft skills and entertain your guests with unique and creative bouquets, sure to be the topic of conversation."

Marielle offers three easy steps to create your own arrangement for everyday entertaining.

What you'll need:

Sharp scissors, clippers, or a similar tool used to cut through thick materials.

A vessel. Upcycle jars, bottles, wooden crates, cans, or other common household wares to create vintage or rustic-looking floral vases.

Your favourite seasonal flower. Pick some large, medium and small flowers and plants to create a great flow in your arrangement.

Step 1: Begin with a good base: Plan out how big your bouquet will be—the average bouquet has 3-5 small, medium and large blooms. Fill your vase with water and begin adding a few of the smaller branches of leafy wild greens which you will continue to build into. Using greenery of different lengths will create a natural, lush look.

Step 2: Lay the foundation: Start with a couple of the strongest, medium sized stems and blooms such as baby's breath and veronicas. Play around with colour and shape as these will accentuate your main blooms. If you desire more stability, feel free to use floral foam.

Step 3: Fill in the blanks: Once your other flowers are in place, finish fluffing up your bouquet by adding your gorgeous and largest flowers which will be the focal point in your arrangement—your seasonal favourite.

Bonus tips:

Free flow: It's much more interesting to look at an organic, free flowing arrangement than a perfect circular bouquet of flowers.

Let them loose: Hold the branches and leafs in your hands and freely add your main blooms as you rotate. View your bouquet from afar and from every angle to fill any obvious gaps. This way, you can admire the beauty from all sides.

Less is more: A stunning bouquet does not require lots of beautiful blooms. Only add a couple of the main large blooms in order to keep the visual focus on them. Do-it-yourself floral arrangements can be fun and playful, subtle or sophisticated, depending on personal preference.

“Flowers change the mood and feel of a room, bringing any space to life and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere," adds Marielle. “DIY floral arrangements will look great on dining tables, window sills, bathrooms, nightstands, or amidst delicious food at a dinner party."

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