Express Your Thanks with Flowers

Express Your Thanks with Flowers

This Thanksgiving, send flowers to someone that you are thankful for. When it comes to expressing gratitude, Ryan (of Random Acts of Kindness) believes flowers are one of the most meaningful gifts to share with important people in your life when simply saying ‘thank you’ isn’t enough. “There is something special about giving a gift of beauty that shows truly how much you care,” says Ryan. “Flowers are attractive, cheerful and are visibly displayed as a constant reminder of your appreciation.”

 “The most successful organizational cultures are those that foster interpersonal relations and establish bonds between coworkers. Strong relationships pave the way for problem solving, happiness and longevity in the workplace,” says Ryan.

Here is a Top 10 List of Unsung Community Heroes who deserve holiday gratitude:

1. Neighbors

2. Teacher or tutor

3. Co-workers

4. Childcare provider

5. House cleaner

6. Boss

7. Postal worker

8. Clergy member

9. Health care worker

10. Administrative assistant

 “This holiday season, treat your unsung heroes to the universal symbol of friendship and caring – flowers,” says Ryan. “The people who support you everyday are likely to feel thanked long after they receive them.”

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