Valentines Day Bliss: A New Direction

Valentines Day Bliss: A New Direction

getting ready for the thousands of orders that pour in for this special day for partners to declare their love for one another. The traditional flower to purchase is the red rose, but did you know, there is only one rose growers in Ontario?

So why not stray from the tradition, support Ontario flower growers, and get something different. There are many other flowers that can still convey the message, "I Love You!"

In the year 1847 a new trend had emerged in England called the flower language. Queen Victoria and many other people in this age expressed their feeling to each other through the language of flowers. In an age of little shown emotion, flowers were a very thoughtful and expressive gift. 

There are many meanings for various cut flowers and potted plants. There are even assosciated meanings to the color or the flowers you choose to give! Listed below and some meaning of flowers and plants which can help you choose the right flowers for your loved ones this Valentine's Day!
* Tulips mean a declaration of love. In particular yellow tulips mean a hopeless love for the one you give them to. 
* Lilies have the meaning of beauty, elegance and sweetness. 
* Calla Lily's mean magnificent beauty 
The gloxinia symbolizes love at first sight. 

* The daffodil also has a unique meaning, stating “you are the only one for me.”

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There are many reasons to give flowers! Giving flowers can be a way to show your affection or to celebrate an occasion; but this year try to purchase flowers that represent the person that you are giving the flowers to! Be sure to look for Ontario flowers this Valentine's Day and support the growers of Ontario!

Valentine's Day Goal: Remember why you love the person, and show it through different Ontario flowers that represent them and your love for them.

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