Why buy Local over Imports

Why buy Local over Imports

Increasing numbers of people want to support their local economy by purchasing products grown in Ontario, yet our market research shows that one in five people don’t know the origin of the flowers and potted plants they buy.

 Buying within 100 miles of your home means there’s no storage time while your flowers and potted plants wait for a flight (there’s also much less fuel used to ship them). When you Pick Ontario, you are ensured the freshest product available. 

This reduced time to market and proper transportation means that Ontario flowers and potted plants give consumers great value.Buying local produces fewer emissions from shipping, transporting and production to be released into the air we breathe.

Ontario greenhouses are also working to preserve and enhance both the natural environment and renewable resources. Most Ontario greenhouses are state of the art and have implemented water recirculation programs. This results in increased water conservation and reduced costs to greenhouse growers.

When you Pick Ontario, you are supporting the more than 650 greenhouse farmers who employ approximately 10,000 people in our province. 

You are also ensuring you receive a product produced by growers considered among the best in the world – who use the latest in technology and growing techniques and are regulated by some of the strictest standards.

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