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The reasons are clear why Ontario-grown cut flowers and potted plants are the preferred choice. From the greenhouse to the store in no time at all, when you support our province's farmers and Pick Ontario, You are assured the freshest product available.

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Flower of the Month

Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas (Alstroemeria species)

Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas (Alstroemeria species)

This South American native is available in a spectacular array of colors. The charming, loose clusters of lily-like flowers can dress up a casual arrangement or add fill and softness to a large, formal arrangement. Alstroemeria symbolizes loyalty and devotion.

Grower of the Month

Rosa Flora Growers Limited

Rosa Flora Growers Limited

We grow Cut Flowers: Standard Gerbera, Mini Gerbera, Snapdragons, Alstromeria; Cut Lisianthus, Stephanotis. We also wholesale a wide variety of potted plants.

What is Pick Ontario?

pickOntario is a marketing campaign to help raise awareness, interest and demand for Ontario-grown cut flowers and potted plants. The first campaign was launched in the year of 2007 at the Grocery Innovations Show in Toronto. Over the past few years, pickOntario has grown into a recognizable brand with participation from many growers and stores. pickOntario’s continuous goal is to remind people that there are locally grown flowers in Ontario.


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