Balfour Greenhouses Ltd.

Pelham, Ontario

Balfour Greenhouses Ltd., was established in 1976 by Leo and Emmy Reus. From its beginnings as a 20,000 square foot bedding plant operation, the company has grown to a 400,000 square foot facility with automated heating, lighting, shading, fertilizing and watering systems and a product offering that includes a wide range of high quality Kalanchoe products, Calandiva, Somona, Phalaenopsis Orchids and seasonal crops that include Mini-roses, Poinsettias, and a variety of spring bedding plants.

Now under new management and with the active support of the original owners, Balfour is focused on maintaining a solid industry leadership position through superior levels of product quality and customer service that happen only as the result of continuous advancements in organizational design, meaningful performance analysis and an objective-focused management and employee team.

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